New*8mm Center Titanium & titanium lined, Stainless Damascus (damasteel) wood-grain pattern


*new to JBlunt Designs' grade 5 Titanium & Stainless Damascus Titanium lined damasteel Collection! The ring is an 8mm wide, 3 piece design with (high grade 5 Titanium centered) by Stainless Damascus damasteel all lined in grade 5 Titanium. Everything is handmade and the patterns and colors from the damascus and titanium will vary slightly as the etching and heat process reveals the final product. This ring cannot be altered due to the 3 piece design once the purchase has been made and the creating process has begun. Allow 10 business days to ship. Thank you for your business, Josh

Materials: 316 stainless steel inserts, 304 stainless steel ring, damascus steel, damasteel, Stainless Damascus, Titanium.