Titanium damascus , timascus and mokuti

Titanium damascus - The amazing colors in JBlunt Designs' titanium damascus rings results from a specific heat treating process or electro - anodizing sometimes a combination of both are performed. When subjected to lower ranges of heat temperatures or the electrolytic process the titanium in the Titanium Damascus rings oxidizes into color crystals starting with amber, purples and dark blues. The lighter blues, yellows and fluorescents result from a higher temperatures or higher voltage in the electrolytic process. The alternating forged layers of different grades of titanium create the variations in colors as each grade of titanium reacts differently to the specific heat range or voltage applied. The difference in finishes will also effect coloration in the way that a bright polish on the ring will bring out a more vibrant color, whereas a satin or brushed finish will mute the color of the ring for a more subtle look.