Our Damasteel damascus ring pattern options

Our Stainless Damascus Steel collection features a wide range of patterns and etching depth and colors! Here are some of the patterns we have.

First, we have the classic what we call " Woodgrain " that features a wood like pattern commonly known as a twist patternlike your traditional damascus patterns. Known by Damasteel as Dense Twist.

Second we have the " leaf " pattern that has a tighter grain structure with breaks in the pattern aslo a twist pattern. Known by Damasteel as Heimskringla.

Third we have the " bamboo " pattern that has a more concentric pattern that is extremely unique from the twist patterns. Known by Damasteel as  Bluetonge

We also have a variety of custom damascus patterns that were commissioned  for damasteel to make that JBlunt Designs is the only one to carry.

Amongst these commissioned patterns is "Black coral" one of our newest pattern by damasteel that has incredible durability due to its concentric pattern design. 

Let's chat about other damascus patterns that you would like to see in your new ring or wedding ring design!