Zirconium Titanium damascus rings, dark-ti and zircuti, ZrTi

Zirconium / Titanium damascus 

Zirconium Titanium damascus is a composition of different grades of titanium layers as explained in the blog ( titanium damascus) but with the addition of at least one layer of zirconium. People have developed different names for titanium/zirconium damascus, such as zircuti, blacktimascus, timascus, mokuti and more. The technical name for Zirconium Titanium Damascus is ZrTi which is the elements Zirconium and Titanium from the periodic table of the elements. As we now know in titanium damascus the colors have a standard coloration of vibrant colors. But Zirconium is different in that it goes through a slight color range and then quickly to dark gray and even black depending on the finish to the surface like Titanium. Zirconium has a higher strength color crystal than its partner titanium which makes it more scratch resistant and therefor high desirable.