Damascus ring Stainless steel Damascus "PROVIDER" ring


Strong and durable due to its 100% 304 & 316L (hypoallergenic) solid stainless steel Damascus construction. Available in sizes: ( 3 - 12 ) in increments of 1/4 sizes. The width can be narrowed if requested , otherwise it comes as shown at 7mm. All my rings are one of a kind because they are (completely) Hand -Crafted from start to finish by me. Each ring will have slight variances due to the Damascus grain which is discovered during the final stage of etching. In this photo the yellow hue is a reflection of the sun. Your preference in width ranging from 4mm - 10mm. Each ring is shipped in a custom inner and outer JBlunt Designs custom made ring box.

Materials: 304 hypoallergenic stainless steel ring, 316 hypoallergenic stainless steel inserts, genuine damascus, stainless damascus, damasteel, stainless, 316L, 304L.