Custom requests completely handmade stainless steel rings (not casted)


**NEW*** SO your wanting something even more unique than what you've already seen or maybe something no one has! I also do custom "one offs" made to your desire and fit. These are a few of the custom "one off" designs I've made for customers. The first one shown is a request done for a customer representing the fictional character for her third book cover being published. The rings shown above aren't for sale as they were made special ordered . Prices range from $400-$2,000 depending upon the number of inlays and design work and the amount of time involved. Contact me and let me make that perfect one off ring for you! I have also done several rings with only given a budget to work with and the design left up to me. Do not purchase this listing as the listed price is an average cost and not the cost of your ring. After going over your desired ring and budget i will list your ring "reserved for you". Thank you, Josh

JBlunt Designs

Materials: 316L stainless, 304L stainless, abalone.