• Sizing rings / sizers 4mm - 12mm

Sizing rings / sizers 4mm - 12mm


This listing is for 5 sizing rings in the width you'd like me to make your ring in. 

  4mm : size  5 - 10

  6mm : siz e 7 - 15

  8mm : size  7 - 15

  9mm : size  7 - 15

 10mm : size 8 - 15

 12mm : size 8 - 15

Please list in the notes what size you think you are in the width you want. I will send 2 sizes above and 2 sizes bellow the size you list in the notes all in the width desired. 

The rings will have their size stamped on them. Some will be in sets of whole numbers like 10, 10.5, 11 and some will be in increments of 1/4 size like 10.25, 11.75, 12.25... Either way this gets us to the exact size by half and we can guess on the quarter size if in between the half sizes provided. 

It is imperative that you try on real , standard fitment rings in the same width you'd like made to know your size in that width. This is why I am offering these to my customers. Wider rings will alter the size you are in that particular width depending on how it fits on your finger covering thicker parts of your finger. 



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