Gold lined & Stainless Damascus steel rose 10mm wide Customizable band mens damascus ring gold lined ring mens wedding ring


Stainless steel Damascus ring with your option of : 14k yellow or white gold and 14k or 18k rose gold liner. This ring width measures 10mm . (each ring will have variances in their unique Damascus design.) All come from the same "wood-grain" Stainless Damascus and will have similar designs but (No two are ever exactly the same!)***There are three options for the shape of the edges : boxed, beveled and rolled, the ring in the photo has boxed edges for reference. The last photo shows the three finish styles : sandblasted, semi-polished and polished in that order. Also the option of : boxed, beveled and rolled edges are available also shown in the last photo in that order. The combinations can be altered to your liking. Size 12 is the largest size I offer with the Stainless Steel & Gold Collection.

Materials: 304L stainless, 316L stainless, stainless damascus, gold, white gold, rose gold, 18k, 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, 14k.