Damascus steel ring damasteel 5.25mm dark etch "TRADITIONAL" wood-grain pattern (polished finish) ring! wood ring pattern men's rings


This dark etched Genuine Stainless Damascus ring was created for the more traditional person. It measured 5.25mm in width and comes with huge rolled edges to give it your traditional round look. It comes with a polished finish with a darker hue in the pattern that continues through the inside of the ring. This ring was photographed out of the sunlight in the shade without filtration. Completely hypoallergenic and handmade to your secified size. The last photo of the ring is a custom order for a 6mm band. Size 12 is the largest size I can make in this style ring.

Materials: 304 hypoallergenic stainless steel ring, 316 hypoallergenic stainless steel inserts, genuine damascus, stainless damascus, damasteel, stainless, 316L, 304L, damascus steel.

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