Damascus steel ring Sterling Silver & Stainless Damascus damasteel "wood-grain" ring (Customizable)! Silver lined ring


Stainless steel Damascus & Sterling Silver lined. This unisex ring comes with the option of 6-8mm width please specify in notes while checking out (each ring will have variances in their unique damascus design. All come from the same "woodgrain" Stainless Damascus and will have similar designs but (No two are ever the same!) ***There are three options for the shape and finish and shape of the ring : sandblasted, regular, and polished. There are three options for the shape of the edges : boxed, beveled and rolled, the 1st two photos are of a ring that is 9mm rolled edges and a polished finish for reference. The 3rd photo is : 7mm wide polished with rolled edges, and the 4th is 7mm wide with beveled edges and a polished finish. The last photo shows a 7.5mm wide boxed edge with a sandblasted finish. Your options of : boxed, beveled and rolled edges are available. The combinations can be altered to your liking. As well as the finish. Size 12 is the largest size I offer with the Stainless Steel & Silver Collection.

Materials: 304L stainless, 316L stainless, stainless damascus, sterling silver, silver.

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